Jun 2014 – Why Manufacture locally

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Our ‘Australian Made Ethos’ flows strongly through every part of our business. It starts with our brand – Bluey which has historical links to our country’s spirited heritage and then our Merino Wool, which at one point in time was the economic foundation of our nation.

We feel that innovation comes from applying a set of fresh eyes to a problem and using an ‘outside-in’ customer influenced design approach. With international transport, logistics and labour costs continuing to rise across a number of historically low labour cost markets the current model of commoditisation in the Merino Wool Industry is coming under increased pressure. In the future its not going to be economical to make garments in far off countries, especially when you want to know where the fibre comes from, how it was made and what’s gone into its production processes. So why not address that problem now by encouraging innovation in our local manufacturing in order to become more efficient and competitive with their operations?

By manufacturing in Australia and sourcing our Merino Wool direct from the growers we maximise the economic value created in this country from this environmentally friendly fibre. This helps us reduce our carbon footprint and ensures we have strong controls over design, product quality and local manufacturing processes.

Besides that, we are all about creating opportunities for our partners and employees as we develop and grow sustainable and innovative businesses in Australia.

So when you consider buying a locally sourced, designed and made product versus one made overseas, always consider the whole picture and ask yourself the simple question – ‘who benefits from the purchase of this product’ and am I supporting the growth and prosperity of local businesses which in turn contribute significantly to our regional communities.