Sept 2015 – Sourcing a Unique Softness

Sourcing direct from the farm, knowing where your fibre comes from, how it was grown and the effort put into creating a uniquely soft fibre is at the core of the Bluey Merino Australian Made ethos.

Our growers Rob, Katrina, Ed & Karen at Karori Merino have worked exceedingly hard to ensure they produce the right fibre characteristics to ensure extreme softness for our new range of Activewear Merino Garments and accessories.

Working together at the time of shearing to analyse, select and test the most suitable fibres is where our journey begins, some 12 months later we have transformed this fibre into a range of garments that are total easycare, durable and incredibly soft with the help of our expert partners.

Suffice to say this new range of 16.3 micron Activewear will be the Softest Garments we have produced todate. In fact we think you’rd be hard pressed to find anything similar in the market today.