Our Fibre

Merino Wool – our nations greatest natural fibre resource, is organically grown in Australia and deserves to be worn by everyone, everyday. For warmth, comfort and superior performance Bluey Merino provides you with a range of affordable garments designed to meet your activewear and outdoor clothing needs.

We personally select the yarn for your garment using specific fibre characteristics, dependable quality and superior comfort factor ratings. To ensure we preserve the core natural characteristics of this incredible fibre we take all efforts to guarantee it is derived from ethical harvesting methods, sustainable farm practices and is processed through companies with environmentally sensitive manufacturing practices.

Why Australian Merino

Organic & renewable – our use of naturally grown Merino fibre supports organic production methods and enables you to wear fibres that are both naturally renewable and biodegradable

A Natural Odour fighter – wearing Merino is the best way to absorb and neutralise those body smells generated during physical exercise and rigorous outdoor activities.

Moisture manager – the fibre of Merino draws away from the body and transforms sweat into vapour, enabling longer lasting comfort during outdoor activities

Fire resistant – safe near open fire  and highly resistant to combustion

Sun protection – a natural high UV protector

Insanely comfortable – wearing Superfine Merino means the comfort factor is high, in fact it’s just amazing to next-to-the-skin because of our fibre selection processes and obsession with softness

Total Easy Care – just drop in the washing machine, select a gentle and fast-drying cycle. Hang up on the clothes line or lay flat and watch those colours come to life