Oct 2014 – Why Merino Softness matters

Bluey Merino believes that a combination of next-to-skin comfort and an amazing fabric handle go together to create the ultimate in Merino activewear and outdoor clothing.

Sourcing superfine and ultrafine fibres renowned for their softness all starts with a careful selection of raw materials direct from the farm. Our growers are selected based upon a series of key measures that support our continued drive to produce the worlds softest and most comfortable Merino Wool activewear and outdoor clothing.

IMG_1417Bluey Merino tests all of its fibres during processing and also  in it’s final fabrics with the AWTA to ensure that you, the wearer, get the very best next-to-the-skin comfort in every garment we make. We also benchmark each new batch of fabric using the industry leading Comfort Meter, so you know with certainty the softness next-to-skin rating of each garment you buy.

Developing insanely comfortable activewear and outdoor garments isn’t just a catchphrase for us, it’s our core focus and total obsession. You’ll know this immediately you handle any one of our quality garments. Visit our Events page to find out when we’re next in your area, so you can try on our garments first-hand.