Apr 2013 – Welcome

Welcome to our community blog. As part of us telling our story and sharing our commitment to the environment, we think it’s important that you understand the background behind Bluey Merino and what it takes to produce these insanely comfortable Merino activewear and outdoor garments.

We are proudly Australian Made and Owned. We track the progress of our fibre from it’s origin; whether it be from Southern NSW or New England NSW, through to every stage of production, seeking to integrate the best partners at every phase of this process. We are very proud of what we have started and hope you too come to love your own ‘Bluey’. Check out the Bluey Merino story so far, as our journey together is only just beginning.

Our Living Lab is committed to ‘field testing’ the style and functionality of every different design we produce during its commercial release. Our community of fantastic garment advocates (Jason, Mark, the two Dave’s, Holly, Damian, Brendan, Jo & Dr Marie) ensure we get input into the functionality and effectiveness of each range. This enables us to continually improve, making each new garment design even better than the last.

We look forward to bringing you a range of experiences and stories from our Living Lab over the coming months and years. Thanks again for your support.