No Risk Returns and Refund Policy


1.1.   If you are an end-user customer and wish to return a product that you have directly purchased from Bluey Australia Pty Ltd trading as Bluey Merino, we are happy to offer an exchange or refund, provided the products are returned within 30 days of the date stated on your invoice or order confirmation, whichever takes precedence in the calendar year.

1.2.   This policy is in addition to any rights that you may have under the Australian Consumer Law and other relevant legislation.


2.1.   This policy applies to direct official purchases from Bluey Merino. Bluey Merino does not accept goods for return or refund where the Customer has purchased the goods from unauthorised third parties including without limitation unauthorised distributors; resellers; and places of auction, whether physical or online.

2.2.   Both parties agree to comply with the Bluey Merino Return Process as set out in clause 3 of this policy.

2.3.   Returned products must be received by Bluey Merino in the original packaging and in as-new or as-shipped condition, including conformance to the specifications as set out in your invoice or order confirmation


3.1.   Please contact us using the following details:

Phone: 1300 761 450

3.2.   To help us deal with your return as quickly as possible, please provide us with your:

–        Full name and address, as stated on your order confirmation or invoice;

–        Order or invoice number, as stated on your order confirmation or invoice;

–        Garment description (found on the garment box or accessories label);

–        Confirm exchange or refund requirement; and

–        Reason for refund or exchange.

3.3.   Provided the return appears to comply with this policy, our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, the Australian Consumer Law and any other relevant law, we will provide you with instructions for returning your item.

3.4.   You are solely responsible for any postage or delivery costs associated with returning the goods, unless we specifically agree to bear these costs. An agreement to bear return delivery costs does not constitute acceptance of any fault or liability on our part.

3.5.   Upon receipt of your item and provided the terms of this policy and our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale are met, we will issue a full refund within 10 business days to the payment method used to purchase the goods or as otherwise agreed.

3.6.   In the event that the goods returned are faulty or defective and are not eligible for a refund under this policy, our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, your rights under the Australian Consumer Law or any other applicable law, we will replace the returned goods with the same or substantially similar goods at our cost within 10 business days.

3.7.   Any enquiries, questions or complaints regarding this process should be directed to our Customer Service Support, at the contact details set out in clause 3.1 of this policy.


If you are an organisation that bought the products under a written agreement with Bluey Merino, that agreement may contain different terms for the return of products than specified by this policy.

June 2018 Edition