Our Growers

Bluey Merino sources its fibre from a select group of Australian Merino growers known for both their ethical practices, their sustainable production methods and above all the softness, consistency and quality of their fibres.

Our garment production cycle starts on the farm with these growers; analyzing and matching characteristics of their fibre with the end garments we produce. It’s through this commitment to selective sourcing, measurement and constantly seeking a softer next-to-skin experience that we believe differentiates us from all other activewear & outdoor Merino Clothing Brands in Australia.

Northern Tablelands

Karori Merino wool redefines superfine wool. It offers a unique experience in luxury to the discerning buyer. Karori Merino wool is the reinvention of wool. Super softness is the essence of Karori Wool.

Today’s Karori Wool comes to you from the clear air and prime pastures of the NSW Northern Tablelands, Australia. By employing the latest genetic techniques our supersoft, superfine wool represents the culmination of three generations’ knowledge, breeding expertise, dedication and innovation.   Our family, the Blomfield family, Rob & Katrina and Edward & Karen take great pride in our sheep and in the magnificent fibre they produce: some of the softest superfine wool in the world.

Paramount is the welfare of our sheep and care of the environment in which they are raised. We adhere to the highest ethics in animal welfare. Karori Merinos are not mulsed. In the wide-open spaces of our farms, our sheep thrive on rotational grazing on improved pastures all year round.

Holistic farm management practices ensure respect for the natural environment, the soils, the pasture and the sheep, protecting and maintaining all in the best of health. Our unique wool is sculptured by nature. Its natural properties make it soft & gentle on your skin to enhance your wellness. Karori Merino Superfine wool boasts;

  • Committed family-owned farm producers
  • Soft & gentle on your skin
  • Totally natural
  • Durable
  • Ethically produced
  • Highest animal welfare standards
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Fully traceable

Southern Slopes & Plains

WoolConnect Ltd. is a demand chain management company that is owned and operated by a group of 66 Australian wool producers. Based in the NSW Southern Slopes & Plains they specialise in the production and supply of superior quality merino yarn to garment and cloth manufacturers.

Their objective is to assist Bluey Merino achieve high quality outcomes with their fibre by consistently providing a high quality yarn to meet our exact garment specifications.

Growers Rob & Matt talk to us about the focus of the properties they run and what makes their fibre so special for Bluey Merino.