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Dec 2015 – Beyond the Bale

December 2015 Issue Our story takes you back to the Growers who through their endeavours produce the softest Merino Wool with the specific characteristics we look for when creating an amazing next-to-skin experience. Beyond the Bale shares this story in a little more detail. See more of the Bluey Merino Story

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Sept 2015 – Sourcing a Unique Softness

Sourcing direct from the farm, knowing where your fibre comes from, how it was grown and the effort put into creating a uniquely soft fibre is at the core of the Bluey Merino Australian Made ethos. Our growers Rob, Katrina, Ed & Karen at Karori Merino have worked exceedingly hard to ensure they produce the right […]

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Oct 2014 – Why Merino Softness matters

Bluey Merino believes that a combination of next-to-skin comfort and an amazing fabric handle go together to create the ultimate in Merino activewear and outdoor clothing. Sourcing superfine and ultrafine fibres renowned for their softness all starts with a careful selection of raw materials direct from the farm. Our growers are selected based upon a series of […]

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Jun 2014 – Why Manufacture locally

Our ‘Australian Made Ethos’ flows strongly through every part of our business. It starts with our brand – Bluey which has historical links to our country’s spirited heritage and then our Merino Wool, which at one point in time was the economic foundation of our nation. We feel that innovation comes from applying a set of fresh […]

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Apr 2013 – Welcome

Welcome to our community blog. As part of us telling our story and sharing our commitment to the environment, we think it’s important that you understand the background behind Bluey Merino and what it takes to produce these insanely comfortable Merino activewear and outdoor garments. We are proudly Australian Made and Owned. We track the progress of our […]

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